Milan offers the highest salaries in Italy: survey

Monza and Bolzano close followers.

The mean gross salary of employees in Milan is around €34,000 per year, or €1,900 net per month, states a report by JobPricing, a Bergamo-based consultancy specialising in analysis and benchmarking in the labour market.

Followed by salaries in the neighbouring province of Monza e Brianza, which lie at around €32,000, this places the two Lombardy industry poles at the top of the range for Italy.

The Trentino city of Bolzano lies in third place.

The Lombardy region, too, is home to the best-paid in the nation, with a mean of around €31,700, followed by the regions of Trentino and Emilia Romagna with about €30.500 each.

At the opposite end of the scale lie Messina in Sicily and Crotone in Calabria, the latter region being the worst paying in all of Italy, with salaries lying around 20 per cent lower than in Lombardy. The lowest paid regions, the report concludes, are those in the south where unemployment is highest and productivity the lowest.

Presenting the report last week, JobPricing CEO Alessandro Fiorelli said that government policies based on payment of support rather than on development, like the current executive’s plan to introduce a “citizen’s salary” subsidy for the poor, was unlikely to improve the situation – a risk Fiorelli said should not be underestimated.