Milan opens breast-feeding spots for mums

Milan opens 20 “happy popping” rooms across all nine boroughs.

Milan has moved to create a more mamma-friendly city by opening rooms for mums with infants in every municipio, with comfortable armchairs for breast-feeding, changing tables, bins for used nappies and free welcome kits with wet wipes, nursing bra pads, skin creams and nursing guides.

Sponsored by Philips Avent and Lloyds Farmacia, the register has attracted the attention of shopkeepers in several busy streets, who intend to set aside “happy popping” rooms and be added to the register and earn the mamma-friendly sign.  Among the first is the traders’ association in Via Piero della Francesca, just a few blocks north of the Sempione Park.

So far, 20 rooms have been equipped and opened, at least two in each of Milan’s nine boroughs. The map on the city website will be updated.  For the moment, these are the rooms already open:

- Palazzo Reale Mostre, Piazza Duomo 12 
- Museo di Storia Naturale, Indro Montanelli Gardens, Corso Venezia 55

City offices
- Assessorato alle Politiche Sociali, Largo Treves 2 
- Sportello Lavoro, Via D’Annunzio 15 

Borough libraries and offices
- Anagrafe decentrata, Via Sansovino 9 
- Biblioteca Tibaldi, Via Tibaldi 41 
- Biblioteca Zara, Viale Zara 100 
- Biblioteca Dergano, Via Baldinucci 76 
- Biblioteca Gallaratese, Centro Commerciale Bonola 

- Farmacia n. 83, Viale Monza 226 
- Farmacia n. 60, Via Marco D’Agrate 1 
- Farmacia n. 30, Via Francesco Pizzolpasso 
- Farmacia n. 38, Via Michele Saponaro
- Farmacia n. 70, Viale Famagosta 36 
- Farmacia n. 68, Piazza Ernesto De Angeli 
- Farmacia n. 29, Via Michele Lessona 55 
- Farmacia n. 32, Via Eugenio Pellini
- Farmacia n. 42, Piazza Pietro Frattini 
- Farmacia n. 7, Via delle Forze Armate 328 
- Farmacia n. 5, Via Maffeo Bagarotti 38 

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