Milan opens for two-month photo festival

Milan to host 170 events until 30 June.

The 13th edition of Milano Photo Festival opened on 24 April, bringing exhibitions, workshops and talks to galleries, museums, bookshops and libraries across the city.

Organised by AIF, the Italian Photo & Digital Imaging Association, the annual event attracts professionals, beginners, emerging talent and amateur enthusiasts from all over Italy and abroad.

The theme selected for this year’s edition is headlined “Innovation, Knowledge, History”, three elements that characterize the reality and the future of the city hosting the festival: the tension towards the new at all levels, the effort to achieve deep cultural and scientific understanding, but also Milan’s strong bond with its historical heritage.

Up from 151 events in last year’s edition, the festival this year proposes 170 events spread over two months and displayed in traditional galleries and showrooms, in newly opened spaces and in places involved just for this occasion and, in addition, in the prestigious buildings in Milan that traditionally host exhibitions designated “Palaces of Photography”.

A major element of Milano Photo Festival each year is the rich Italian/English illustrated catalogue distributed free of charge in all the exhibition spaces and in relevant spots in the city, a tool for the promulgation of photographic culture.

A detailed programme of the events is available on the festival website.