Milan organises earthquake aid

How to play a part in the relief operation.

While Milan’s civil defence organisation has already sent a helicopter, a convoy of a dozen rescue vehicles and trained staff including dog-handlers to the quake-hit area around Amatrice, city hall has published an appeal for all Milanese to contribute whatever they can.

Collection centres have been set up in the Arca area in Via Sammartiti 122, the City Angels headquarters in Via Pollini 4, and the Casa Jannacci in Via Ortles 69. They will be open on Saturday and Sunday, 27 and 28 August, from 10.00 to 20.00.

Particularly needed are items for personal hygiene: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, combs, skin creams and wet wipes. Baby food, nappies and wet wipes for infants are also urgently needed.

Following up on the culture ministry’s decision to devolve all income from museum visits on 28 August to the earthquake aid fund, Milan has joined in by including in the initiative all the city’s civic museums.

City hall has also sent a letter to all its employees, particularly technical support staff, inviting them to volunteer and list their areas of expertise. Their offers will be cross-checked against a list of requirements sent by the relief coordination on the spot, so that the most needed specialists can be made available.

And for milanesi who would like to offer financial help, the city administration suggests that the most direct way to make a specific contribution to the rescue effort is a bank draft to the fund set up by ANCI, the national association of municipalities. The “reason for payment” should read “Emergenza sisma centro Italia”, and the IBAN code is IT27A 06230 03202 000056748129.