Milan organises free anti-crisis lessons in economy

Milan’s city hall has teamed up with the Catholic University, national unification authority UNI and Progetica consultants to organise free lessons in economy to help people suffering the pinch of the current crisis.

Starting with a pilot project in March, 300 residents will attend a course in risk prevention, investment, pensions and debt management, taught by 30 experts in the field.  The object is to prevent economic problems from arising in the first place, and to help users assess the true value of financial instruments on offer, and the seriousness of the consultants offering them.

The course is based on the ”Money Advice Service” launched by the British government in April 2011.  The concept is to reach out to people with no formal experience or training in economy, and who need to know how to face the economc crunch.  At the end of the course, each student will have drawn up his or her own financial plan under the guidance of the teachers, and can then ask the teachers’ help in putting it into action.

The trial group of students is being recruited among city hall employees and locally based companies.  The first to take up the offer has been Ikea. Once the teething symptoms have been resolved, the longer-term aim is to continue with 2,000 “students” and a hundred teachers.

The city administration has invited consumer groups, worker’s clubs and volunteer organisations to make contact and put forward the names of members interested in taking part in the project.