Milan plans Teleworking Day

Staff to try working from home.

Wednesday 25 March has been promoted by Milan city hall as the Giornata del Lavoro Agile, or Teleworking Day, when employers in the city and its hinterland are encouraged to experiment with letting their staff work from home.

 Lavoro agile

More time for yourself, a better quality of life, increased productivity, less stress and lower pollution are the objectives of this second experiment, following the success of the first Teleworking Day promoted in February 2014.

According to the city administration, last year’s event was joined by over 100 companies and corporations. As a result, staff participating in the experiment gained two hours a day and brought down the local pollution level by one per cent, or the equivalent of 32 tons of carbon dioxide.

Teleworking, suggests the city website, requires no fixed workstation in the office and allows employees to perform their work anywhere – at home, in a bar, in a park, at the gym, or from a co-working station. It’s a way to satisfy the worker and make the employer more competitive, city authorities claim.

Fathers can work at home too Fathers can work at home too

Companies, corporations and self-employed professionals are invited to visit the city website, register their plan to participate in this year’s event, and undertake to fill in a questionnaire to help gather useful statistics on their experience. The event is also open to employers who are already active in teleworking.

Results will also be fed into updates of the Territorial Working Hours Plan, a document intended to help organise opening and closing hours with a view to improving the quality of life of Milanesi and visitors to the city.

Our object this year is to involve the whole Milan metropolitan area,” said city councillor Chiara Bisconti. “Last year’s extraordinary success tells us we’re on the right track, and that citizens and companies want to continue working on the theme.”