Milan plans traffic-free Sundays

Milan city hall has announced the calendar for this year’s eight “domenicAspasso” traffic-free Sundays, chosen to coincide with sporting, cultural and environmental events.  All private car and motorbike traffic will be banned throughout the city on these days, except for limited categories.

Sunday 17 March will see traffic stop for the annual Bicinfesta in primavera Spring push-bike rally.  The next occasion, 7 April, will see the streets cleared for the Milan city marathon. On 12 May, another bike rally – CicloPride – will be held on World Bike Day.

The 9 June domencAspasso will be dedicated to schools and kids’ events, while the 14 July day will be the turn of street artists and buskers.  The 8 September event will coincide with the European day for sustainable mobility.

On 13 October, Milan will celebrate the second National Walking Day and the Deejay-Ten mini-marathon sponsored by the popular radio station, and finally on 17 November the car-free Sunday will mark the start of the week of “We were born to walk”.

Milan’s sport and quality of life councillor Chiara Bisconti said the administration had decided to announce the calendar well in advance to help encourage as many residents as possible to plan their activities.  “City Hall will support every kind of initiative which is free and plans to involve as many citizens as possible,” she added.

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