Milan Politecnico to race in Shell Eco-marathon

London race for best ecological performance.

A Milan team will again be on the road in London to compete in the Europe leg of the Shell Eco-marathon, a competition to clock the longest distance on one litre of fuel or one kWh of energy.

The 31st edition of the competition, to be held in London from 30 June to 3 July, will see Milan Politecnico challenging 228 other teams from 28 European countries, including seven more Italian entrants from four universities and two top schools.

The Eco-marathon is run in two categories: Urban Concept – the more conventional – and Prototypes, open to futuristic, avant garde designs. Vehicles may use normal fuels like petrol or diesel, as well as alternative sources of energy such as solar, electric, hydrogen or biomass.

The Milan Poli team, called Mecc-H2, consists of 15 students aged between 22 and 25 who will race their urban concept electric vehicle Daphne 2.1, one of the lightest in their category. Using custom-made low-resistance tyres, the vehicle has an innovative steering system.

The same team competed in the 2005 edition with prototypes Artemis and Apollo, before designing Daphne.

Team leader Stefano Dell’Agostino said the team was taking part “to make university education even more valuable thanks to an international experience that focuses on technical aspects and knowledge gained by the students, helping to bring them closer to the world of work.”

The current record the team will try to beat is 3,771 km with one litre of petrol – the distance by road from London to Rome and back again.