Milan prefect: Alert but no imminent danger

After Thursday’s deadly attack in Nice.

Milan prefect Alessandro Marangoni, after a meeting of the public order and security committee had reassuring words for the city’s residents.

“We know there’s no such thing as zero risk,” Marangoni said to reporters, “but the best response to terrorism is to enjoy our city in the most serene possible way, aware that we’re not alone because the forces of public order are at our side.”

He pointed out that special intervention squads are on call in Milan 24 hours a day.

There are at present around a thousand troops deployed in Milan in Operation Safe Streets alongside the regular police manpower. But this is only the visible side: there is also intelligence and investigative work being carried out by the public prosecutor’s department.

Called to discuss the implications of the massacre in Nice ON 14 July, the committee decided not to increase the alarm level – at level 2 since the Bataclan attack in Paris last November – to the top level of 3, which would indicate an attack “taking place or imminent.”

Meanwhile, the director of the Islamic cultural institute in Viale Jenner, Abdel Hamid Shaari, firmly condemned Thursday’s attack in Nice. “We have always condemned these actions, terrorist acts that have nothing to do with Islam or with Muslims. [These people] are just terrorists who kill people for no reason. Not even animals in the African jungle kill like that.”

And he added, “We shall continue to condemn any use of violence to impose one’s will on others.”