Milan province roads “Italy’s most dangerous”

Negative report by Automobile Club.

The country roads in the province of Milan, outside urban centres, have the highest level of traffic accidents in the country, says a report by ACI, the Italian Automobile Club.

In general, three-quarters of road accidents occur on city streets, and a further 20 per cent in the countryside, says the ACI report. But the analysis of the figures show that driving on the country roads can also be hazardous.

Based on an analysis of 2017 figures, Milan provincial roads have the worst figures for both the number of accidents and their frequency per kilometre.

In 2017, the 693 km of roads in the province saw 741 accidents, which resulted in 13 deaths and 1,194 injuries. Causes of the accidents were prevalently human error, accounting for nine out of 10 – distraction, using mobile phones at the wheel and parking in forbidden zones. But speeding and ignoring the right of way rules were also major factors.

Overall, the northern part of Italy scored poorly in the report, which considered only rural roads and excluded city traffic and motorways.  The second place was taken by Venice province, with 490 accidents on 860 km of road, causing 14 deaths and 745 injuries. Padova and Treviso took third and fourth place.

Serious accidents causing fatal results were most common in the provinces of Latina and Naples, the report revealed. In Latina province, 249 accidents caused 21 deaths, while in Naples the figures were 22 deaths in 267 accidents.     

The total social cost of traffic accidents, ACI concluded, amounted to €19.3 billion, or around 1.1 per cent of GNP.