Milan province second in Italy for traffic accidents

Milan catching up with Naples for road accidents.

Milan is Italy’s second worst province after Naples for traffic accidents, states the annual report from IVASS, the Insurance Vigilance Institute which reports to the government and parliament on insurance issues.

Naples province runs top in these statistics, with 15.54 accidents for every kilometre of road, although dropping after recent years at well over 17. Milan province is now in second place with 12.56 – and rising, up from 11.86 in 2013 and 12.06 in 2012.

Even neighbouring Monza e Brianza province lies well over the national average at 9.75. Hard on their heels come Prato at 9.71 and Rome at 9.61.

All of these statistics, which include every type of traffic accident from any cause, lie considerably higher than the national average of 2.44, rising slightly from 2.36 in 2013 and 2.37 in 2014.

A closer look at the figures, down to comune level, shows the eastern Milan suburb of Melegnano, with its toll-booth for Italy’s busiest motorway, the A1, clocking in at 24.93. But even Melegnano doesn’t reach the level of Melito, in Naples province, standing at 26.66.

At the other end of the scale lie Reggio Emilia (0.27), Potenza (0.48) and Matera (0.52) provinces.  The safest comune in Italy by this yardstick is Civitacampomarano in Campobasso province in Molise, with only 0.006 accidents per kilometre of road.