Milan recruits city helpers

"Anti-neglect sentries" for Milan

Milan city hall has taken on some 50 jobseekers and residents in economic difficulties to work alongside administrators and help the elderly, the homeless and foreigners in the social services offices.

These volunteers will work alongside AMSA, the city environmental agency, as “anti-neglect sentries” to clean up flower-beds, remove trash left on the streets, and generally to improve the quality of life in the city’s neighbourhoods. They will also accompany people unfamiliar with city administration seeking help or information in civic offices, such as foreigners.

For a “social contribution” of €500 per month, they will work for an experimental period of ten months, said city councillor Pierfrancesco Majorino. “The concept is to find the point of intersection of two realities,” he continued: “first finding work for people surviving on social support, having them carry out tasks which are useful for the community, and second to have more and better presence in certain areas of the city.” Together with the neighbourhood offices, he concluded, city hall is studying the best way to run this experimental programme and how to select participants.

The aim of the programme is to provide jobs for 100 needy residents by the end of 2016.

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