Milan rented rooms most expensive in Italy

While demand up by 10 per cent.

Milan is Italy’s most expensive city for students renting furnished accommodation, says a study by a leading rental and real estate concern.

Analysis by Idealista of prices in all major cities calculated a media of €451 per month for a single rented room in Milan, the highest rent in Italy and some 40 per cent above the national average of €318.

Not only this: prices have held steady in Milan over the past year, while across the nation they have dropped by over 7 per cent.

Demand for rented rooms, wanted not only by students “fuori sede” but also by workers temporarily assigned to another city, have increased by over 10 per cent since 2017.  This has however been balanced by an increase in available accommodation of over 30 per cent.  This, said Idealista experts, has had a calming effect on prices in most cities – but not in Milan.

Milan’s record €451 monthly rent outpaces that of cities like Rome (€400), Bologna (€341) and Turin (€320).  At the other end of the scale, rooms are comparatively cheap in L’Aquila (€204), Messina €202) and Palermo (€198).

Chart: Idealista