Milan runners head for the parks

CorriMI starts 2016 with new website, tracks.

In the run up to the Stramilano marathon on 20 March CorriMI, and FIDAL light athletics federation, have set out and mapped running tracks with distance markers in six of the city’s prettiest parks, and a seventh will soon be ready.

Tracks are already available in Sempione, Montanelli, Trenno, Forlanini, Lambro, Montestella (Montagnetta di San Siro) parks, and Parco delle Cave will shortly be added to the list.

With the €10 CorriMI card, athletes have access to showers and lockers for their personal effects while they are “on the road”.

Members can join in 16 Saturday-morning training days, each with specific themes such as interval training, running technique, running a relay, uphill training and more, led by expert athletes. The first will be progressive running, held on 12 March in Parco Sempione.

Signed-up CorriMI members will receive a free newsletter, and a dedicated Facebook page is available to swap photos and organise social events.

The CorriMI website carries all details of the seven tracks, on signing up for the card, and details of other twinned associations outside the city.