Milan scores 3rd on Lonely Planet

Prestigious travel guide praises city

Prestigious travel guide Lonely Planet has just published its “must see” destination recommendations for 2015, listing Milan third in the world, after Washington DC and Argentina's Chaltén.

Describing Italy’s second largest city – and financial and business hub – as one of “lavish wealth and almost frightening elegance”, the guide provides an enthusiastic boost for Expo 2015, inviting readers to visit “an excellent expo of food, drink and culture.”

To taste the fascination of Milan, the guide describes “bankers in bespoke shoes that cost more than your computer, wealthy donnas [sic] with Prada handbags and professionally blow-dried hair, [and] elderly ladies walking toy poodles down the Via della Spiga”.

Apart from Expo 2015, the guide naturally turns first to the cathedral as a first point of call, describing the Duomo as “a life-changing experience”. Contributor Emily Matchar does not fail to notice the city’s 600 coffee bars or the cotoletta alla milanese, but also finds room for a mention of the traditional good-luck heel grind on the bull’s testicles in the mosaic floor of the Galleria.

In a separate, more detailed article, Lonely Planet’s Paula Hardy lists “six reasons to visit Milan in 2015”. These are (in order): to explore the future of food at Expo 2015, experience the city's architectural Renaissance, visit Italy’s largest ever Leonardo retrospective, discover the Duomo's hidden treasures, taste the world's finest culinary creations, and be inspired by artistic icons, both old and new.

The guide also provides hints for spending 48 hours in Milan, as well as recommendations on what to eat there, and finally expands to cover hints on where else to go in Italy. Lonely Planet is said to be the world’s biggest selling travel guide publisher.

It also operates a successful website and hosts a forum called the Thorn Tree, where members can exchange information or ask for helpful tips.

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