Milan seeks snow clearers

AMSA to pay for day or night work

As the temperature plummets and the first snow can be seen on the Grigne mountains, city environmental authority AMSA is again this year recruiting volunteers to turn out and clear pavements and other pedestrian areas as soon as soon as the first heavy snowfalls reach the city.

Residents with strong arms and a will to work can register on the AMSA website (click the link on the left) to leave their name and mobile phone number. They will also need to declare they suffer no health impediment to carrying out the work.

Whenever the snow threatens to block the streets, a message will invite volunteers to turn up at the meeting point, and request a confirmation whether they are available at that place and time. In general, one in seven volunteers responds to the “call to arms”, said AMSA.

AMSA provides transport from the meeting point to the place of work, and all the necessary tools. An eight-hour daytime shift pays €100 gross (€75 net of tax and contributions), while a night shift pays €120 (€90 net).

AMSA has set a target this year of 8,000 willing citizens on stand-by. AMSA says that 85 per cent of last year’s volunteers were Italian, bucking the trend of earlier years which had seen a stronger proportion of immigrants. And some 60 per cent were under 29 years old. About 10 per cent of those registering were women.

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