Milan set to benefit from Brexit

Leading architecture magazine praises Milan’s “incredible programme”.

Dezeen, the magazine voted best architecture blog in the world and one of the most influential forces in global design, interviewed key design-world figures in Milan for Design Week and came up with unstinting praise for the city’s sparkling present and optimistic future.

In an article by founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs, Dezeen described how Expo Milan 2014 was the kick-start which brought the city out of years of decline, leaving it brimming with confidence.

"Brexit is an opportunity for Milan," Margriet Vollenberg, the Dutch curator behind the city's Ventura Centrale and Venture Future exhibitions, told Fairs. "Milan used to feel like just another European city but now it's a world city.”

She also said people in the city are now more open to foreigners than before, and that English was regularly spoken by residents, in contrast to the time when she lived here from 2000 to 2005 when people spoke only Italian.

And Britt Moran of Milan-based design duo Dimore Studio said the city was now a "fantastic place".  "Milan has absolutely got its shit together this year," the American-born designer told Fairs, referring to Design Week. "It's amazing, you can feel it everywhere.”

Although the same magazine ran an interview in 2013 calling the city “a closed box … sitting in the past”, it now explains how in recent years Milan has bounced back. It has invested heavily in its infrastructure, with major pedestrianisation schemes, new parks and cycle-hire projects among initiatives that have transformed Italy's second-largest city.

Photo: Dezeen

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