Milan seventh worst city for traffic jams

Drivers in Milan waste 226 hours per year stuck at the wheel.

A recently released report shows that drivers in Milan spend 226 hours – the equivalent of over 28 working days – blocked in traffic jams every year, the seventh worst result from 220 cities in 38 countries around the world.

Rome is the other Italian city “honoured” by a place in the top 10, coming in at number two with 254 hours, right after leader Bogotá with 272 hours.

Other cities with the worst record for traffic jams after Bogotá and Rome are (in order) Dublin, Paris, Rostov-on-the-Don and London. Then comes Milan, followed by Bordeaux and Mexico City.

A separate calculation ranks cities for traffic congestion. In this league table, Milan has improved its position since 2017 from 13th to 27th place.

However, the data collected exclude the Asiatic megalopolis cities, notoriously suffering the heaviest traffic in the world.

The data are in the annual Global Traffic Scorecard, published by Inrix, a company with the mission is to provide solutions for transport problems around the world. Inrix provides automakers with services such as real-time traffic and parking availability, while cities, government agencies and businesses use Inrix to better understand the movement of people, vehicles and goods.