Milan shops and cafes join Agreement for Expo

Informal network to make Milan more welcoming.

In response to Milan's move to improve the quality of the articles and services 2,604 cafés, restaurants and shops already signed up to the Patto per Expo 2015.

Those joining the scheme must agree to respect a list of promises, drawn up separately for each type of outlet.

Cafés, for example, undertake to provide clean and welcoming toilet facilities, without making a sale a condition for using them. Restaurants agree to offer a multilingual menu, a free carafe of tap-water and a kids’ menu. Food outlets must ensure that the best local and regional produce is available. And showing an Expo 2015 ticket must be the key to enjoying discounts.

Students line up for Expo 2015. Students line up for Expo 2015.

Among the over 2,000 businesses already adhering to the pact, there are 246 bars and restaurants, 547 retail outlets, 224 mass retailers, 41 groceries, 80 hairdressers and beauticians, 18 hotels and b&bs, 191 stall holders in 20 municipal covered markets and 1,258 stall holders in 93 open-air markets.

A map of all the operators who have signed up to the pact, searchable by type of outlet and updated whenever new ones have signed up, is available on the city hall website.