Milan: “The Sea in the City”

24-25 June. Water sports at the Idroscalo.

Water-sport enthusiasts will welcome the arrival of summer with a weekend of activity called MareInCittà at Milan’s Idroscalo former seaplane base in Segrate on 24 and 25 June.

Organised by the Italian Motorboating Federation, the activities will include canoeing, diving, motorboating, fishing, Hidrofly riding and aquatic volleyball – everything to have fun in the water.

Among the attractions, a display by brothers Alex and Massimiliano Cremona, the former recently crowned world champion while representing Italy in category 0.350 motorboating.

Idroscalo plan

The weekend will conclude with the Idrofun-Go competition, with canoes, inflatable mattresses, life-saving rings, water wings or just plain swimming to beat the clock.

Live music, refreshment stands and bars will be available around the artificial lake for the whole weekend.