Milan to boost traffic surveillance

Intelligent” TV cameras and more speed traps.

Milan is to get tougher on speeding and illegal use of uninsured vehicles in the city's historic centre.

The first step in the project will be the installation of seven new fixed “autovelox” speed traps on the streets where most infractions are recorded. In addition to those already installed three years ago, these will bring the total in Milan’s municipal area to 16.

Radar traps already installed in Via Palmanova, Viale Fermi, Via Parri, Via dei Missaglia, Via Chiesa Rossa, Viale Famagosta and the Ghisallo overpass have brought satisfactory results, according to a spokesman for the polizia municipale.

The new cameras will be installed in Viale Fulvio Testi and Via Virgilio Ferrari, two on each street, or will be used to double the coverage of roads already surveilled where the existing cameras cannot cover the entire length: Via Palmanova, Via dei Missaglia and Via Parri.

And by the end of summer closed-circuit cameras guarding entry to the historic centre’s “Area C” will be connected to a series of data banks to check that cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles which pass under them are regularly insured, have had their “MoT test” revisions carried out, and are not on the lists of stolen vehicles or those under court order denying permission to be on the roads.

Spotting these gate-crashers will immediately trigger a fine, the police spokesman said, as well as vehicles for which the entry charge to the restricted traffic zone has not been paid – the original purpose of the cameras.

The municipal police will also be able to input the licence plate numbers of vehicles being sought in connection with other crimes, and the cameras will raise an alarm if the vehicle passes through their “field of vision”. Police officers on the streets can then be alerted that the wanted vehicle has just entered their patrol area.

After an initial trial period in Area C, the plan is to extend the “intelligent” connections to the rest of the network of CCTV traffic cameras across the city – some 2,000 of them.