Milan to open city’s first cat park

Milanese moggies to enjoy dedicated park.

At a stone’s throw from the Naviglio Grande nightlife area, residents of Milan’s Zone 6 have decided to pamper their cats and kittens with their own 6,400 sqm park as part of an urban renewal project.

The renewal plan – already approved by city hall – will clean up a largely abandoned area next to the Baden Powell park, adding new council flats, shops and offices. When the plan was proposed for residents’ comments, the cat-lovers’ association Gatto Viziato (“spoiled Cat”) suggested a Gattoparco, and their request was accepted.

Gatto Viziato will manage the area, and plans to install fenced-off areas where cats can play with their owners – no, wait! An adage has it that dogs have owners, while cats have staff – so the cats can be brought by their staff to play there, and take part in planned cultural and educational meetings, says the association.

Gabriele Rabaiotti, president of the local residents’ association, says the renewal will also pay attention to the needs of cyclists. Roads will be repaired and extended, and public gardens will be opened.

Media reports claim this is the fisrt gattoparco in Italy.