Milan to protest Brussels outrage

22 March: Two demonstrations today in the city centre.

Milanesi will gather together in front of the city’s iconic Duomo at 17.00 this afternoon to express solidarity with the Belgian people after this morning’s fatal bombings in Brussels, in which over 30 were killed.

Organised by trade unions, the demo is “for all those who want to express by their presence that Europe is our home, where democracy and freedom live, and send a signal of solidarity to the families of the victims.”

One and a half hours later, only a short distance away through the Vittorio Emanuele II arcade, the city’s governors will hold a meeting in the Sala Alessa of city hall, Palazzo Marino.

Councillor Marco Granelli, responsible for security, said that all members of the Milan community are welcome to attend a street demonstration following the meeting, to commemorate the victims of the Brussels attacks.