Milan to re-open open-air dancehall for summer

Milan dance all day until 6 September in Parco Sempione.

Milan city hall will re-open the traditional summer dancehall in Parco Sempione on 27 July, open from 15.00 to 23.00 every afternoon for a relaxing afternoon or evening in the open air until 2 September.

Sheltered from the sun by a modern tent structure, and cooled with mist sprays and fans, the hall offers a 450 sqm dance floor to enjoy a wide range of live music from the bandstand or a DJ set. There will also be classical and rock concerts, readings and kids’ games.

There is a seating area and the Locanda alla Mano (the Easygoing Hostelry) to grab a bite to eat or a refreshing drink. It is operated by the Contè non-profit association which helps Down people to find a place in the work environment.

The dancehall, set up at Piazza del Cannone, has a long history as a favourite meeting and social point for both young and older generations and for families.