Milan to update public transport plan

Milan’s Urban Plan for Sustainable Mobility (PUMS) is to be updated. Publishing the draft plan (in Italian) on the city website, councillor Marco Granelli said that fighting congestion and air quality are the main points of the plan.

Granelli also promised to pay close attention to residents’ options for travelling.

The plan is due to be voted in the city council in the autumn. Suggestions from associations, companies and ordinary citizens are welcome. They must be written on the form provided on the website, and should be delivered by 9 October at the latest.

Suggestions and comments can be sent by email, or simply handed in at the city’s Area Pianificazione e Programmazione Mobilità office in Via Beccaria 19. The detailed draft plan can be consulted on the city website, or in printed format at that same office from 8 Aug-7 Sept, Mon to Fri.