Milan “too violent” says leading Italian daily

Milan wins for wealth, but streets unsafe – Il Sole-24 Ore.

Italy’s leading financial daily, Il Sole-24 Ore, has grudgingly placed Milan eighth out of all 110 Italian provinces for quality of life.

The eagerly awaited annual report, which Il Sole has now been publishing for 28 years, recognises Milan’s leading role in finance and economy, but ranks the province last of all in terms of justice and security.

Blame for this poor showing can be found in the statistics for robberies, fraud (including computer fraud), bag-snatching, car theft and number of court cases opened.  These have determined a slide from 2016’s overall 2nd place to this year’s 8th for quality of life.

On the brighter side, Milan scores top marks in the wealth and consumption category, which includes markers like personal wealth, GDP per head of population, level of pensions and of bank deposits.

These are two of the six macro areas, together containing some 42 markers.  The other four areas examined are labour and innovation, environment and services, demographics and society, and culture and free time.  Each year, the daily adjusts the markers to keep step with developments; this year, new markers included gender gap, sale of pharmaceuticals, years spent in university, number of litigations reaching the courts, and occupation of the territory, among others.

Overall, Rome ranked 28th. The lowest ranking of all was occupied by Caserta. The first seven places were all taken by Alpine provinces, led by Belluno.

The full report is available to subscribers only from 28 November on the daily’s website.