Milan traffic cops win a Ferrari

Seized from the mafia.

There’s little chance of illegal speeders getting away with it in Milan now, since the metropolitan police force has been equipped with a 320 kmh Ferrari 458 Spider.

Seized from a mobster in an organised-crime dragnet in September 2015, the sleek sports car was assigned to Milan’s ghisa by the court tasked with putting sequestered goods to public use, with requests from police forces and fire-fighting squads first in line.

“Seriously now, we are not going to see the Ferrari demonstrate its standing-start leap to 200 kmh in less than 10.8 seconds on Corso Buenos Aires. The luxury roadster will be used in programmes of education to legality,” explained local police force commander Antonio Barbato.

“We meet around 55,000 youngsters every year for civic and traffic education,” added Barbato. The concept, he explained, is to show kids that crime does not pay, and that the state will take back the fruits of criminal activity.

The Ferrari cost the local police force €53.67 – the cost of the registration. The familiar green, red and white livery and the special police equipment like blue lights and siren were provided by a body shop in Caronno, in Varese province, and the Ferrari factory carried out the legally-required inspection free of charge.

The handover took place in Milan during this week’s festival celebrating assets sequestered from organised crime figures.

Also this week Italy’s national Polizia Stradale acquired a Lamborghini Hurican, with almost exactly the same performance as the 458, to replace their 2009 Gallardo model from the same stable.

Lamborghini Huracan

The speedster is used for emergency transport of organs for transplants and blood for major accident scenes, as well as for similar educational activity with school children, although it could be put to use in cases of really excessive speeding.