Milan urban transport on reduced summer timetable

Less frequent, but still all day (and night) long.

On 7 July, Milan’s urban transport system ATM switches to summer mode as more and more residents (and ATM staff) leave the city for vacation in the mountains or on the beach, and schools close for the summer break.

This will be the first cut-back in service. A second will come into effect on 6 August, when the service will be reduced even more until 2 September, when the full timetable will come back into force until July next year.

During the summer, Milan’s buses, trolley-buses, trams and metro line M5 will observe Saturday hours from Monday to Saturday, and holiday hours on Sundays and bank holidays. The underground metro lines M1 and M3 will do the same, but starting two weeks later on 21 July; M2 will start summer hours on 23 July.

The surface bus, tram and trolley lines will run from 04.00 to 02.40 (tram line 9), from 04.30 to 02.30 (other trams) or from 05.30 to 01.45 (buses).

Night buses and trams will continue to operate throughout the night: NM1-NM2-NM3-90-91-N25-N26.  In addition, lines N15 N24-N27-N42-N50-N54-N57-N80-N94 will operate also on weekend nights and in the night from 14 August to the Ferragosto holiday the next day.

But runs will be less frequent. The most important surface lines, instead of every 3 to 6 minutes in peak hours, will drop to a departure every 4 to 7 minutes in July and every 6 to 9 minutes in August.

Details of the winter, summer and August timetables are available (in Italian) on the ATM website. But the fine detail is overwhelming, and the page is far from intuitive. For those anxious not to miss a train, the start of a film or a dinner date, the free ATM app for smart-phones, available also in English, provides updated and geo-located information – and you can even pay your ticket with it.