Milan voted 2nd in “Best European Destination 2017” poll

Beaten only by Porto; Rome came in 12th.

Well over 400,000 travellers from 174 countries voting in the European Best Destinations (EDB) poll this year placed Milan second, praising the city’s Duomo, churches, palaces and museums, as well as its contemporary art and architecture.

“The internationally renowned city has an extremely positive image in all corners of the world,” commented the EDP jury, “and attracts a large number of travellers, making it a leading destination. Milan is particularly appreciated by Swiss and American visitors.

Only Porto beat Milan in this year’s classification. Rome came in at a dismal 12th place, and Paris even one place lower at 13th, perhaps because of the terrorist outrages which have plagued France in general and its capital city in particular in recent months – always a damping effect on vacation destination choices.