Milan will continue with free Sundays at museums

“Milan won’t stop”  says mayor Sala.

Milan mayor Beppe Sala has reacted swiftly to the cancellation by new culture minister Alberto Bonisoli of the #domenicalmuseo initiative, offering free entry to museums across the country on the first Sunday of each month.

“Milan won’t stop,” promised Sala on his Facebook page. “Bonisoli wants to abolish the free Sundays at the museum? I’ve taken note of that, but we will carry on with the joy of seeing so many residents and tourists visit out museums.”

Launched in 2014 by previous culture minister Dario Franceschini, the free Sundays were made obligatory. Now Bonisoli says the initiative will end once summer is over – it will be up to individual museum directors to decide.

The free Sundays were a good start to an advertising campaign, said Bonisoli, but the initiative was “going in a direction nobody liked”.

Franceschini retorted that “things which are right and which work have no political colour”, and protested that Bonisoli was making the world of culture and the general public pay for a political wish to break with the previous administration.

Milan councillor Pierfrancesco Maran pointed out that the free Sundays appear to have sparked an increase in visitor flow also on days when entry is charged – and thus an increase in funding.  And besides, added councillor Filippo Del Corno, Milan city hall had already voted back in June to continue with the initiative, long before minister Bonisoli made it optional.