Milan wins another 12 US cities for Food Policy Pact

Pact launched at Milan Expo 2015 now boasts 163 signatories.

A delegation from Milan city hall met mayors from across the United States in Washington DC last week to explain the city’s food policy – and won another 12 signatories to the pact, bringing the total of participants so far to 163.

Launched during Expo Milan 2015, the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact (MUFFP) boosts collaboration among cities towards more sustainable and equitable urban food systems by exchange of good practice in urban agriculture, school meals and prevention of food waste.

The Milan delegation was invited to present the MUFFP to the US Conference of Mayors, which unites over 1,000 cities with over 30,000 inhabitants.  The presentation convinced the mayors of Austin, Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, Minneapolis, New Haven, New York, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, West Sacramento, Madison and Washington to adhere to the pact. Seattle and Philadelphia are also considering taking part.

Delegates explained the work done in Milan over the last three years, centring on the role of Milano Ristorazione, the producer of school meals.  The municipal company promotes healthy food in schools, combats food waste and concentrates on using local produce.

At the last MUFPP annual conference, held in Valencia in October 2017, MUFPP cities launched an appeal to the UN Secretary-General and all UN agencies for their efforts to foster inclusion, resilience and sustainability to be recognised. They called on UN bodies to adopt “multi-level approaches to food systems governance” and acknowledge “the need to include actors at the subnational level in review and follow-up to the global agendas.”