Milan woman to be tried for terrorism

Now believed to be foreign fighter in Syria.

Milan prosecutors have demanded trial for Maria Giulia Sergio, from Inzago northeast of Milan, on charges of criminal association with terrorism aims and organisation of travel for terrorism purposes.

The move came at the conclusion of investigations which led to arrest warrants for Sergio and nine others, including her Albanian husband Aldo Kobuzi and his 19-year-old sister Serjola. Following phone taps by Italian police, all three are believed to be currently near Raqqa, headquarters of ISIS in Syria.

Sergio converted to Islam in 2008 and adopted the name Fatima Zahra. In 2014 she married Kobuzi, also allegedly a jihadist activist, and is believed to have left Inzago for Syria only a few days after her marriage.

In a Skype interview with leading Italian daily Corriere della Sera, Sergio is reported to have stated: “We – and I say we because I too am part of the Islamic state (ISIS or ISIL) – decapitate in the name of Allah.”

The others remanded to trial include Sergio’s sister Marianne and her father, Sergio Sergio who are in Milan. The defendants originally included her mother, but she has meanwhile died of natural causes while in detention.