Milan is set to inaugurate an anti-pollution plan developed by the administration of the previous mayor, Letizia Morati, earlier than expected. Smog danger levels have been exceeded on several occasions because of the unseasonably hot weather so the new mayor Giuliano Pisapia has decided to activate the programme earlier than expected.

On Sundays, starting from 9 October, traffic will be suspended around Milan from 08.00 to 18.00, when pollution levels are higher than permitted. In addition cars will not be allowed to leave their engines idlying for more than three minutes and buses will have to turn off their engines when they reach the terminus.

The programme is also designed to tighten up on rules regarding the prohibition of burning waste in the open and spreading sewage.

For environmental as well as for economic reasons the heating of houses and offices around Milan and its surrounding districts may be postponed to 15 October.