Milano Central coffee bars bans slot machines

11th Milan bar to ban slot machines

The coffee-bar Milano Central in Corso Europa is the 11th bar in the city to be awarded a certificate for their decision to do without the profit to be made from installing slot machines.

The “no slot” initiative was launched by the Comitato Jenner Farini citizens’ committee to keep its part of the city more liveable for everybody.

The committee won the support of the city administration and the Policlinico non-profit society in a bid to combat the proliferation of these games, which are trapping ever more compulsive players into debts and misery.

The certificate was handed to the coffee-shop proprietor, Claudio Finetti, on 15 April by city councillor Pierfrancesco Majorino, together with Luca Tafuni from the citizens’ committee and Claudia Buccellati from the non-profit, who took the opportunity to promote the advice centre for people being drawn into the vicious circle of betting and games of luck.

“Our committee,” said Tafuni, “is continually being tipped off about new machines being installed, and this is a good sign in times when new gaming premises are opening every day. We are grateful to the managers who choose this path and do without the extra profits, showing a strong sense of civic duty.” Majorino added: “We’ve been working for some time now to obtain adequate powers to work against the social and health perils that can come fdrom games of chance."

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