Milano in Bici for urban cyclists

A new website – Milano in Bici – dedicated to cyclists in the city has been launched by Milan city hall.  It is aimed at bike owners, and is separate from the BikeMI official bike-sharing network.
Everything the urban cyclist ever needed to know can now be found at the Milano in Bici site – from maps of bike lanes and bikes-only paths, lists of pedestrian areas where cycling is the only wheeled traffic allowed, and details of the new public bike racks where not only the front wheel, but also the frame is held by a single lock – 1,300 new slots in 2012 and a further 1,000 planned for every year up to 2015.
Cyclists’ lobby FIAB has gathered statistics every September from 2002, and announced a steady increase in the number of bikes entering the city centre.  From 22,000 in 2002, the number has risen to 34,000 last year.  City authorities claim this is a success for the Area C limited traffic zone, and a result of low-speed zones for motor vehicles and the steady extension of the network of bike lanes.
The website also provides details of rules for – mostly free – transport of bikes on buses, metro lines, trains and even boats, as well as lists of bike shops and repair workshops.  Plans for the future extension of the bike-lane network are also explained.  Other chapters cover cyclist rules in the Italian Highway Code, bike-specific road signs, and other useful information.
Not only in the city itself – the site provides a link to the MiBici site which covers the whole of Milan province from the cyclist’s point of view.