MilanoMondo – a forum on immigration

Four days of debate in Milan on immigration.

Organised by Milan city hall, a four-day forum starting on 17 November will bring together political experts, sociologists, leaders of immigrant communities and more to discuss the burning issue in which Milan is playing a leading role.

The conference, unique in its field, offers a forum for comparing views, introducing ideas and suggestions for the management of the influx of migrants, in which Italy feels it is bearing the brunt of a burden which the European Union, despite statements of support, is not sharing equally.

Themes in the calendar range from hospitality and cultural and ethnic pluralism to the current debate on the granting of citizenship.

Speakers from other Italian and European cities, migrants, leading figures from humanitarian associations and the worlds of labour and culture, public and private bodies will be on the platform.

Among those taking part in the opening presentation, led by mayor Beppe Sala, will be Italian minister Maurizio Martina, former foreign minister and Middle East expert Emma Bonino, Catania mayor Enzo Bianco,  Athens migrant and refugee coordination centre manager George Sarelakos, founder of Network for Refugee Voices Adam al-Saud and many more.

Entrance to the debates is free of charge, but registration is required on the event website, which also carries full details of the programme.