Milan's Area C back on 17 Sept

Milan’s central Area C daytime limited traffic zone comes back into effect from 07.30 on Monday 17 September.
This will follow a car-free “domenicAspasso” Sunday, when cars and motorbikes will be banned throughout the city from 10.00 to 18.00.
The reactivated block in Area C will last on an experimental basis until March 2013.  The rules will be almost the same as during the previous block, which was suspended last July, but with two changes: traffic will be controlled only until 18.00 on Thursdays, but until 19.30 on the other four weekdays, and there will be a flat-rate €13 fee for access to Area C plus four hours of parking in garages which sign up to the scheme.  There will also be some minor adjustments to the borders around the zone.
Announcing the revival of Area C, Milan city hall said that the previous experiment had produced a drop of 34 per cent in traffic entering the zone, and of 25 per cent in the use of motor vehicles by residents there.  Buses, they continued, ran on average 6 per cent and trams 5 per cent faster, while traffic accidents in the zone dropped by 28 per cent (accidents with injuries by 24 per cent) compared to the same period of the previous year.
As in the previous experimental period, motorbikes, mopeds and scooters will be exempt from the congestion charge.  So will electric-powered vehicles, and those with hybrid, methane- and LPG-powered engines.  There will also be exceptions for the disabled and for the sick requiring medical treatment.
Full details of the borders of Area C, the exemptions and the rules for applying for them and the various means of paying the congestion charge for drivers who are not exempt are available on the municipal website

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