Milan’s Area C open for two weeks

Limited traffic zone to be suspended.

The limited traffic zone “Area C” in Milan’s historical centre will be suspended from Monday 8 to Friday 19 August, as the city slows down under the summer heat.

However, this doesn’t imply a free-for-all, warns the city’s municipal police force. It merely means that vehicles allowed to circulate will not have to pay the €5 congestion charge during the open period; forbidden vehicles will still be excluded.

Those permanently refused access include two-stroke motorbikes or scooters with Euro-0 engines, petrol-powered cars with Euro-0 engines, diesel-powered vehicles with Euro-0, -1, -2 and -3 engines and vehicles longer than 7.5 mt.

Details in English on how to pay the charge until or after the open period, as well as how to obtain residents’ passes, can be found on the dedicated Area C pages of the municipal website.