Milan’s Castello hosts Sharing Economy festival

Two days of conferences and workshops in Milan.

The weekend of 24-25 September will see the annual festival of consumer association Altroconsumo hosted in Milan’s central Castello Sforzesco, this year themed on the sharing economy.

Over 100 speakers from around the world will lead workshops, give talks, and provide advice on every aspect of defending consumers and citizens in today’s weakening economic climate.

Themes will range from the opportunities opened up by the mobile economy to the testing and ranking of consumer goods, from smart cities to energy suppliers, from bike maintenance to choosing a current bank account to crowdfunding.

The event is open free also to non-members.

Today’s consumers, say the organisers, are both the providers and the users of goods and services, with all the opportunities and risks that this implies. The association sees its duty in throwing light on this phenomenon with the help of the major institutions and experts active in the ongoing revolution of a sharing economy. And the annual festival is the occasion for consumers to gain hands-on experience, listen to the experts, and put their questions.

The full programme of the festival is available on the dedicated website.

Altroconsumo, active for over four decades in defence of the consumer, claims to be Italy’s largest association of its kind with nearly 400,000 members. They receive a regular magazine with summaries of tests on products and services, a website with an archive of more detailed results, and free access to legal and financial advice. The association also organises bulk buying groups, petitions and class actions.