Milan’s Castello Sforzesco hosts summer entertainment

Theatre, jazz, classical music and dance.

The splendid setting of the Sforza family’s castle in the centre of the city will be the stage for an eclectic programme of entertainment – much of it free – throughout the summer.

Classical concerts, jazz, rock and swing gigs, traditional and modern theatre and even ballet feature on the programme of events which will enliven the season through until mid-August.

Originally built in the 14th century as a defensive element in what were then the city walls, the castle was destroyed by the short-lived Golden Ambrosian Republic, only to be rebuilt by the fourth Duke of Milan and founder of the Sforza dynasty, Francesco I, in the 1450s.

This time, however, it was planned less as a military base but more as a princely residence with its adjoining 390,000 sqm Parco Sempione, and this is the Castello which – along with the city’s iconic Duomo – has become one of the milanesi’s favourite free-time meeting places, hosting nine museums.

Events in this year’s Estate Sforzesca programme al start at least at 20.30, some even at 21.00, so that visitors can enjoy the cool of the evening after a blistering Milan summer day.