Milan’s Chinatown gets its own FM radio

Chinese-only words and music for the Milan community.

The well integrated Chinese community in Milan now has its own FM radio station, news which is sure to interest also the scores of Italian and other students of Mandarin in the city’s universities and cultural associations.

China FM brings news, culture and music – all in Cantonese – from a studio in Via Burigozzo on 92.4 MHz.  It is also available in Florence, where there is another numerous Chinese community, and will shortly also be fed to a transmitter in Rome once a frequency can be found.

Founder Giulio Sun says the station, which started broadcasting on 1 March, is staffed by a dozen technicians, DJs, speakers and journalists who are still being tested and selected. Non-Chinese are also considered for joining the team – as long as they speak good Mandarin.

His plan is to have the staffing firmed up by mid-April and then launch a regular show schedule. During this launch period, says Sun, the schedule is dominated by music; once the staffing is resolved, the plan is to broadcast some 70 per cent of local, European, and – of course – Chinese news.

Advertising will originally be mainly by Chinese businesses, restaurants and wholesalers. But Sun expects Italian companies to welcome this first chance to address directly the 300,000 Chinese living in Italy.

[Photo: Corriere della Sera]