Milan’s Chinese make donation to quake victims

We are part of a new Italy” – President Wu.

Milan’s Chinese community has presented a cheque for about €89,000 to mayor Giuseppe Sala for the city’s fund destined for relief for quake victims in central Italy.

“This is a first, concrete action we want to see used, beyond the immediate emergency measures, for a rapid and transparent reconstruction, like that promised by Milan city hall to the community of Amatrice,” said Francesco Wu, president of the Italian-Chinese business union.

Wu underlined that the contribution by the Chinese community is to be used firmly within the framework of the official relief plan drawn up by mayor Sala and his staff, and not be frittered away.

“We Chinese-Italian citizens ... feel ourselves part of a new Italy that is growing thanks also to those like us who have decided to bet on the future,” Wu added. “It’s an Italy founded on solidarity and reciprocal understanding.”

“This is a great proof of generosity and integration,” replied Sala, thanking the Chinese community.