Milan's kitchen waste collection to start - again

After several false starts, the differentiated collection of kitchen waste (“umido”) is set to begin in earnest in the south-west of Milan (zone 6 and parts of zones 1, 5 and 7) on 26 November.
Workers from the municipal refuse collection agency AMSA in yellow jackets have already started distributing free rubbish bins to all households in the test area, together with instructions on what to put in them and how the collection will be organised.  They are to be used for fruit, vegetable, meat and fish waste, food past its sell-by date (but without packaging), coffee grinds and tea-leaves, used paper napkins and handkerchiefs and flowers and leaves.
The bins should not be used for cigarette-ends, liquids, food packaging, oil, household cleaning products or chemicals, or for plastics which have not been certified as compostable.
The bins – and the brown colour-coded bags to put in them – have been designed to prevent smells and leakage, say AMSA.
The collection of recyclable kitchen waste will be extended but by bit to cover the rest of the city by 2014.  Full details, including which areas are covered as the scheme progresses, are available on the AMSA website.