Milan’s M4 invites bids to decorate metro construction sites

With €5,000 contribution to costs.

Milan’s latest metro line M4 – “the blue line” – has invited bids to decorate the hoardings surrounding its 24 construction sites for new lines and stations.

Open to all – universities, academies, secondary schools, organisations or individual artists – the offer closes on Monday 8 May.

The guidelines for bids state that any kind of artistic expression will be considered: painting, sculpture, video or audio installations, graphics, photographs, street art or “any other combination between verbal and visual language”. Projects may also include suggestions for any further kind of decoration or street furnishing to make the sites more attractive and useable.

The jury evaluating the bids will pay particular attention to innovative artistic expression, ease of execution, use of recycled materials, economic viability, weatherproofing, and the possibility of recycling the artworks in the future M4 stations or around the sites once construction is complete.

And the M4 company will offer a contribution of €5,000 for material costs to each of the winning bidders.

Bids must be submitted by email or fax, using the application form which needs to provide as much detail as possible of the suggestion, along with details of past experience, materials to be used, and a graphical presentation using either standard graphics programmes or simply scans of hand-drawn sketches.

The M4 website also offers a description of each of the construction sites to be decorated, along with photos of the current state of the site, details of the area of the hoardings to be decorated, and helpful lists of the shops and cafés which will occupy the future station.