Milan's M5 service reduced

To allow work on extension

The city’s M5 lilac line will suffer some restrictions throughout the rest of February as work presses ahead on the extension to new stations, but suspensions will be limited to weekends and after 22.00 on weekdays.

Transport authority ATM advises that the driverless trains will not run on Saturday 14, Sunday 15, Saturday 21, Sunday 22, Saturday 28 February and Sunday 1 March. And on all the other days in February, the last service will be at 22.00.

Instead, a tram service will be operated on the weekends, running until 22.00 between Bignami, Garibaldi and Centrale stations, stopping at all the M5 stations along the way. During the week, line 31 will operate more frequent runs from 22.00 to the end of shift between Bignami, Bicocca, Zara and Isola M5 stations, and extended as far as Piazzale Lagosta.

ATM reminds passengers that other useful routes in this area include the tram lines 7 and 33. This work is necessary to ensure that the five new stations are built, tested and operative in time for Expo 2015.

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