Milan's "Open Data" goes online

Opening times of shops, which car-parks have space, where can I enter Zona C, how pure is the air today – Milan’s new Open Data site can answer your questions at the click of a mouse – or also on your smart-phone.

With the launch of the new Open Data site, Milan city hall – with the cooperation of Bicocca University, and following the example of Turin – is putting all its data online at the disposal of residents and visitors. Sport centres, cinemas, hotels, dog exercise parks, bike routes, museums, population, schools... there seems to be no end to the information available to consult free.

While some of the results can be used immediately, other kinds of downloads require a certain amount of computer literacy and the installation of plug-ins before you can read them. But the FAQ page gives helpful and clear advice about what you need to be able to consult all the city’s data, and the Apps page explains and provides a free Android app to create your own personalised city guide. New datasets are being added constantly, and their availability will be tweeted on #opendataMI.

“Innovation can be an important instrument to combat the crisis in the economy,” said mayor Giuliano Pisapia, launching the site. “Milan needs to be an international point of reference, a city that creates social, cultural, and above all economic development.”

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