Milan's Piazza Castello redesigned

With input from residents

A flexible area, easy to access and re-format for different types of event is about to be created in Milan’s central Piazza Castello in front of the Sforza fortress.

A jury nominated by the city’s Triennale has unanimously selected the winner among 11 projects submitted to milanesi, local residents, committees and the Zone 1 local council, who made over 13,000 comments and suggestions under the headline “Atelier Castello”.

Winning studio Guidarini&Salvadeo + Snark designed a piazza like a stage, but open to everybody, including those with reduced mobility, fitted with a network of technological services and providing seating, trees, and open-air furnishing for cool shade in summer as well as heated zones for winter use. The area will be paved in white like the paths in the castle park, while curbs and different levels, masts, barriers, unused traffic lights and advertising hoardings will be removed.

The jury praised the adaptability of the project to various public events, especially during next year’s Expo, and respect for budget limitations, as well as the openness toward adaptability for any future redesign.

The announcement by city hall marks the end of a six-month involvement of public opinion and proposals in the redesign of one of the city’s most important recreational zones, following last summer’s creation of a pedestrian area there. Taking residents’ wishes into account, the winning studio planned for green areas, suitable lighting, outdoor furnishing including seats and benches, colouring of the asphalt and useful services for tourists and visitors.

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