Milan's Trenord rail network confirms strike 27 November

Milan hit by national rail strike.

Railway workers protesting over plans to privatise Trenitalia will bring trains to a halt from 21.00 on Thursday evening 26 to 18.00 Friday evening 27 November.

The nationwide strike will also involve the Milan-based regional Trenord network, which provides lines to Malpensa airport, and the privately-owned Italo routes.

On Thursday 26 November trains are guaranteed if they depart before 21.00 and arrive by 22.00. On Friday 27 November the legal commuter slot of 06.00 to 09.00 will be respected, say the unions.

Workers are also be protesting against Milan prefecture's six-month injunction on strikes during Expo Milan 2015 from May to October this year, the state of safety at the workplace and pension reforms.