Milan's Trenord to strike 6 November

Milan's regional rail services affected.

Milan's rail service Trenord has announced a strike from 09.01 to 17.00, which will affect suburban and long-distance routes, including those to and from Malpensa airport.

The morning and afternoon rush hours, with their legal minimum service requirements, should not be affected but Trenord warns that there may be delays.

A substitute bus service will shuttle between Malpensa airport and central Milan, but the journey by road takes far longer than by rail.

Trenord advises travellers to check the company website for details of guaranteed routes, and to watch the electronic displays at the stations for updated information.

Public transport workers announced three strikes during the six months of Expo Milano 2015, but each time they were ordered back to work by the prefect Francesco Paolo Tronca (now reassigned to Rome). So few were surprised that a strike was announced as soon as Expo Milano 2015 finished on 31 October.