Mito SettembreMusica 2018

Milan and Turin team up for music.

MITO SettembreMusica 2018 continues the tradition of cooperation between Milan and Turin to bring classical concerts, this year chosen around the theme of dance and dance music.

From 3 to 19 September the 12th edition of the MITO concert series will focus on classical music and an exploration of the vast world of contemporary classical music. Each concert has been thought out to provide an insightful mix of music based on this year’s theme, Dance. Performances feature well-known pieces and lesser known ones, and some even showcase pieces commissioned by MITO.

For the first time in the series, all the concerts except those hosted in churches will charge an admission fee. But MITO is not an elite, aristocratic ritual. MITO prides itself in being a totally accessible festival – from very affordable ticket prices to the choice of venues, many of which are not usually home to classical music. Afternoon and evening shows make up the bulk of this year’s performances, with children’s shows on weekends.

This year’s focus is on Dance. But also on dancing – the body rhythmic, bodies moving harmoniously together. We’re certain this combination will “move” tens of thousands of locals and tourists to the concert venues, said Milan mayor Beppe Sala and Turin mayoress Chiara Appendino. To the pleasure of anyone who wants to dance in their minds from one piece to the next, or those who may not resist the temptation to move their bodies to the music during the special dance performances, even if it’s just a little toe-tapping.

The eclectic programme, with details of venue, times and entry fee, is available on the MITO 2018 website.